Extremely Simple Fat Loss | Open Your Mind And Lose The Weight

john_rowley_extremely_simple_fat_loss52 Million Pound Challenge and Extremely Simple Fat Loss are programs for weight loss developed by John Rowley as a result of his great experience in dieting, nutrition, weight loss, health, and fitness. Extremely Simple Fat Loss has been launched in the beginning of the year 2013. Currently, John Rowley is working on his new book, Extremely Simple Fat Loss 2, that is expected to be release soon.

Extremely Simple Fat Loss will continue his guidelines for weight loss in more depth. His principles for being successful in achieving your goal of losing weight are minding your mind, monitoring your mouth, modifying your metabolism, maximizing your muscles, and mastering your mores.

Minding your mind means setting goals and analyzing your reasons for wanting to lose weight. The goal setting and the desire to succeed are among the most important factors for achieving success with a weight loss plan. Goal setting has a great power to fuel us on our path for a healthier life and achieving a better shape. John Rowley will continue in his second book Extremely Simple Fat Loss to provide us motivational advice on how to create the optimal mindset for success and conquer failure once for all. You will learn how to raise your energy levels, control your emotional balance, and feel more alive. He will highlight how the power of optimism and power of belief can affect not only our success with our weight loss plan but our habits and daily life as well. You will learn how to set a diet plan in which you believe and how to stick to it.

In his second book John Rowley will continue to teach us how to change negative eating habits by using planning, goal setting, and the power of visualization. By following his advice you will be able to transform your habits into more empowering ones. He also gives time management advice in order to empower you with some simple techniques that can free more time during your day, time that can be used for workout.

You will also learn how you can modify your metabolism for burning more fat and losing weight faster. One important factor is stabilizing your insulin levels so you’ll not crave carbs anymore. He will also provide you information on the right nutrition science and give you the right daily intake levels for carbs and fats. Based on his advice you will be able to modify your diet in a way that will stimulate your metabolism, burn more fat, and help you to lose weight faster. You will understand that a starving diet is actually contra-productive and that in reality you can simultaneously eat more and lose more fat. In his second book Extremely Simple Fat Loss, John Rowley will continue his nutrition advice and go in more detail about the correct diet for weight loss. You will learn how much you should eat and what you should eat to maximize burning fat and losing weight.

Same as in his first book, Rowley will include a section on exercising and ways for maximizing your muscles. Extremely Simple Fat Loss will feature new workout routines that are proven to give the maximum results.  For more information on the launch of John Rowley’s new book, Extremely Simple Fat Loss Diet please click here.  There is also a special Extremely Simple Fat Loss Bonus available.

Basic Principles You Might Need To Follow When You Want To Get Your Man Back

Breaking up with someone can be a very difficult thing for one to go through, especially if you had invested a lot of time and energy in the relationship. Most of the time, people simply let it go and try to get over the hurt. However, there are many times when they try to put their relationships together, and it ends up working. If you want to get your man back, there are a few things you would need to keep in mind including:

Figure out if it’s really worth it

There are times when it might not be worth it to try and get back together. For instance, if you have been breaking up and getting back together again frequently, it might mean that you are not really compatible with each other. If you are in the relationship and it does you more harm than good (such as when you become emotionally drained), it might also not be in your best interests to get back together, and might even cost you your health and career in future.

Finding out what the root cause of the problem is

If you are sure that you want to get your man back, the most important issue you will need to sort out is solving the problem that caused the break up in the first place. Not doing this means that even if you do get back together, the same issues might crop up again, leading to another break up.

In order to analyze the situation, it’s important to have a candid discussion with your partner about how both of you feel. This in turn means creating the right environment for both of you to have a sober chat. For instance, if they are mad at you, it would be necessary for you to give them time to cool off before organizing this.

Avoid neediness

When you want to get your man back, you might feel the urge to keep calling them, saying that you are sorry (even if it was not your fault that you broke up) or giving them reasons why it would be good to get back together. Doing this can sometimes be very annoying, and shows that you are desperate. Rather than doing this, you should be patient. You should ideally take some time off after the break up to get things in perspective before patching things up, particularly if the break up was a bad one.

In summary, when you want to get your man back, the key issues you need to keep in mind include being patient and trying to look at things from an objective point of view. Finding out the contribution that you and your partner had towards the break up will make it easier for you to solve these problems and build a better foundation for your future relationship. You could also introduce a third party (such as a relationship counselor) to help you with this, only as long as both of you agree to it. The fact that they are professionals makes them capable of helping you figure out exactly where the conflicts in the relationship are.  If you need additional help click here for some good relationship tips.

Lean & Lovely Program Review

Lean&LovelyLean And Lovely is a women’s only fitness program created and developed by Neghar Fonooni. The author is a health and fitness expert. She is also an author who has travelled all over the world and helped countless women achieve inner peace and live a healthy lifestyle that suits them. Neghar Fonooni gained extensive experience training from several seminars, workshops and fitness retreats.

Lean & Lovely program is intended to assist ladies reclaim their lives, beauty and body, by means of assisting them to lose excess fat, provide cellulite solution, attain strength, build their self-confidence and enhance their personal radiance while keeping their genuine essence of beauty and femininity. This program is a thorough training course developed especially for women. Neghar pledges that her system can help women get sexier, increase the energy levels, and look great. The program consists of brief but extensive efficient workout routines that can help greatly improve your life as opposed to consuming it just like some other workout and training programs.

How Does Lean And Lovely Work?

The workout program includes a 12-week training and workout program that is primarily designed to help women find and develop their inner strength and increasing their body’s metabolism at the same time. Furthermore, the program includes a comprehensive nutritional guideline. Providing you with information on what kinds of food that is good for your and the ones that are not. According to Fonooni, the primary difference with her program is that you will enjoy the process than dread doing it.
You’ll be educated how you can change your physique while living a life that will help you nurture a fit way of life. Fonooni states that this system will assist women boost their inner strength and outer radiance with no deprivation, restrictions and lengthy strenuous hours in the gym.

Neghar Fonooni is passionate about her “Seven Truths”. According to her, these truths will help women discover and transform themselves. Also, the “Seven Truths” will serve as a guidepost as women travel through their transformation for a better self. She also asserts that her book is not only just a comprehensive fitness book, but also a kit for complete transformation

What Will You Get With Lean And Lovely?

Training manual – Keys to the 12-week training and exercise program. This program matches with your health and fitness levels. It also has an easy training program for starters and also an advanced training program for women who have health and fitness experience. The Lean & Lovely program is split into three 4-week stages. Every stage will be slightly different compared to the last one and increases the improvement, stage after stage. The instruction manual consists of about 80 pages, offering invaluable fitness guidance which you can use for several years in the future.

Nutrition handbook – a good fitness and training program should include a nutrition handbook. Lean and Lovely’s handbook includes guidelines on the kinds of foods that you can eat, and the advisable time to eat it. The handbook will also enumerate a list of foods that will help you achieve the best results, and it has a good synergy with the fitness and training program.

Sweat Sessions – on top of the 12-week training program, Lean and Lovely includes a bonus sweat sessions and it is designed to make the entire program more effective. Sweat sessions features an 8 minute sessions that consist of heart pumping and powerful workouts. It can jump start your energy, uplift your spirits and gives you a healthy glow.

Exercise Database – you will get 65 training videos with Fonooni showing her workout routines inside the whole system from the standard physical exercises like squats to technical ones such as complexes and chains. The video tutorials are going to illustrate how you can correctly carry out the exercises for very best results.

Membership Access – this will give you access to the exclusive member’s area in which you are able to communicate and interact with other female members who are using the system. This can be a great source of learning and motivation since members can help each other in growing and changing for the better. Additionally, Fonooni will answer questions about her program.


* this program may be used by diverse women on numerous health and fitness levels

* Lean & Lovely program can help you acquire slim and alluring without the need of depriving or limiting oneself and without having to spend extended strenuous hours in a gym

* you will enjoy increased energy levels, greater self-confidence and better inner and outer radiance

* a lot of women have occupied school and work itineraries, this program is ideal for busy ladies who don’t have any time and energy to hit a fitness center

* this program includes demonstration video clips to demonstrate the way the a variety of workout routines ought to be done for greater results

* The workout guide, nutritional handbook and sweat sessions are all geared towards assisting the transformation of women inside out

* This program is not only focused on transforming the physical appearance of women, but also how women view themselves and a change in the overall lifestyle.

* Simple and easy to follow rapid and long-term fat loss and cellulite solution

* Devotes a lot of focus on the subject of inner strength and how it can blossom and strengthen the outer strength.

* Learn how a simple change of mindset can greatly alter your confidence and overall quality of life

* The program has been tried and tested by women coming from all parts of the world

* The program is backed by a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the result you’re getting, then you can have a full refund.


* The program will not do all the work for you. You will still need discipline, dedication and hard work. Furthermore, the fitness and training programs can get rigorous at times.

Wrapping It All Up

You can seldom see a fitness program that will include helping you achieve a better mind and money at the same time. With all benefits, features and information the book contains, it is definitely worth the money. If you think the program is not for you, then you can just ask for a refund.